Shia LaBeouf has had his ups and downs with the media as of late. Between his seemingly crazy "I Am Not Famous" antics and his insanely funny "Just Do It" motivational speech, it's a wonder anyone can take him serious at all anymore.

Shia is most definitely talented as an actor, but now it appears he's ventured into the Hip-Hop world. A video has been making its rounds around social media of the actor performing a pretty impressive freestyle rap. As a rapper myself, having first got into the art in impromptu freestyles, I had originally applauded his effort. But now, it appears he's being accused of plagiarism... AGAIN!!! This time stealing lines from the rap crew known as Anomolies, from their song 'Perfectionist'.

Shia is no stranger (or a new comer) to rap. He has recorded songs with two of his friends over 10 years ago under the name Element Cru. He also directed the musical video for the rapper Cage, who is probably the most well known for back-and-forth diss records with Eminem in the late 90's.

Whether or not Shia borrowed some of his freestyle lines from Pri the Honeydark(from Anomolies) on purpose or not, remains to be seen. Often times in the heat of freestyle, you say the first thing that comes to mind, just to make it rhyme (see what I did there?). Regardless, he still had some pretty tight lyrics. But now the question is... where any of them actually his lines?