MMMmmm...  Is there anything better than smokey, tangy, mouth watering Bar-B-Que?  There are some folks who know how to do BBQ right and there are those who can, well - 'grill' and cover it with sauce.  True BBQ will always stand out!

A recent article by ranked the best BBQ restaurants in each state and the best in Wyoming can be found in Casper.

There are many who will argue this point, but as someone who grew up in the land of the BBQ restaurant.  I can tell you when it comes to BBQ in Wyoming, I've tried a bunch but only loved a few. shared with it's readers - Casper's HQ BBQ was the best in Wyoming.  Adding 'If you can, go Thursdays through Saturdays, where they offer Smoked Prime Rib as the special.'

HQ offers a full array of ribs, brisket, pulled pork and use a traditional pit style to perfect their dishes.

If you go, be sure to try their sides!  Extremely delicious!  Especially their Mac & Cheese which is a big hit in any crowd.

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