There is at least one movie set in each state. Granted, some may be more infamous than others. Here is the most popular movie set in Wyoming, and every other state in America as well.

This list is primarily based on criteria that includes opinions from staff, what the critics felt about the movie and over all box office take. Check out the robust list, including the one in deemed the best in our state...

Alabama:  "Forrest Gump"  (1994)


Alaska:  "Into the Wild"  (2007)


Arizona:  "Raising Arizona"  (1987)


Arkansas:  "Sling Blade"  (1996)


California:  "Clueless"  (1995)


Colorado:  "The Shining"  (1980)


Connecticut:  "The Stepford Wives"  (1975)


Delaware:  "Fight Club"  (1999)


Florida:  "Scarface"  (1983)


Georgia:  "Gone With the Wind"  (1939)


Hawaii:  "Pearl Harbor"  (2001)


Idaho:  "Napoleon Dynamite"  (2004)


Illinois:  "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"  (1986)


Indiana:  "A Christmas Story"  (1983)


Iowa:  "Field of Dreams"  (1989)


Kansas:  "The Wizard of Oz"  (1939)


Kentucky:  "Coal Miner's Daughter"  (1980)


Louisiana:  "The Green Mile"  (1999)


Maine:  "The Shawshank Redemption"  (1994)


Maryland:  "Hairspray"  (2007)


Massachusetts:  "Good Will Hunting"  (1997)


Michigan:  "American Pie"  (1999)


Minnesota:  "The Mighty Ducks"  (1992)


Mississippi:  "In the Heat of the Night"  (1967)


Missouri:  "Meet Me in St. Louis"  (1944)


Montana:  "Legends of the Fall"  (1994)


Nebraska:  "Caddyshack"  (1980)


Nevada:  "The Hangover"  (2009)


New Hampshire:  "Jumanji"  (1995)


New Jersey:  "Clerks"  (1994)


New Mexico:  "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"  (1966)


New York:  "Taxi Driver"  (1976)


North Carolina:  "Cape Fear"  (1991)


North Dakota:  "Fargo"  (1996)


Ohio:  "Heathers"  (1988)


Oklahoma:  "Twister"  (1996)


Oregon:  "The Goonies"  (1985)


Pennsylvania:  "Rocky"  (1976)


Rhode Island:  "The Witches of Eastwick"  (1987)


South Carolina:  "The Notebook"  (2004)


South Dakota:  "Dances With Wolves"  (1990)


Tennessee:  "Walk the Line"  (2005)


Texas:  "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"  (1974)


Utah:  "127 Hours"  (2010)


Vermont:  "White Christmas"  (1954)


Virginia:  "Remember the Titans"  (2000)


Washington:  "Sleepless in Seattle"  (1993)


Washington, D.C.:  "A Few Good Men"  (1992)


West Virginia:  "October Sky"  (1999)


Wisconsin:  "Dawn of the Dead"  (2004)


***Wyoming:  "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"  (1977)***


(Check out a map, or see why each movie was picked, here.)