Since the closing of Casper's Good Cooking back in March of 2020 and COVID-19 causing a change in our local Denny's hours of operation, it left Casper with only one 24-hour restaurant, Poncho's Mexican Food.

As of last Friday (January 9th, 2021), the east side of Casper now has a 24-hour restaurant too. Craves is also now open 24/7.

We got a chance to talk to Craves owner and operator, Johnathan Tieszen, about the change. He stated:

I went out with my wife and discovered that there was little to do in the evening outside the bar scene. Now that everything closes early, there is even less to do after 8:00 pm. We wanted to create an environment where friends and family can come and spend time together enjoying a delicious, made fast and fresh all day and night long. Our goal is to satisfy all your CRAVES any time of the day.

It will be nice having 24-hour options on each side of town now.

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