A staple in local dining is closing its doors for good. Casper's Good Cooking has officially closed as of 6:00 am this morning (March 27th, 2020).

After serving Casper and a plethora of travelers over the last 42 years, owners Jon McLean and Robert Roel are ready for some rest and relaxation.

At the time of closing, there were eleven members on staff: Celena Mendoza, Billie Johnson, Jim Jensen, Kenny Burt, Alexis Sullivan, Jordan Allender, Brian Allender, Anthony Glant, Holly Wheeler, Destiny Trump, Jess Johnson and owner Jon McLean.

Manager, Jess Johnson, shared some awesome photos of the crew hanging out at the restaurant.

Having moved back to town in 2002, I spent a lot of late nights and early mornings dining at Casper's. I have quite a few very fond memories of the food and amazing conversations I had with my family members, friends and their friendly staff. Casper just won't be the same without this 24-hour establishment.

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