Halloween is approaching, and if there is one thing that is synonymous with "all hallows eve," it's our friends, the Zombie. Now, Zombies go back 70 years or so. Zombie movies were being made before George Romero was even born. With that being said, no one adopted, maintained, and defined the Zombie genre like Mr. Romero. His movies are the movies that come to mind when people think of Zombie flicks. Nevertheless, only two of his movies made this list, but they all have him to thank. With that, we present...

The Top 5 Zombie Movies of All Time

#5 Shaun of the Dead

This film, while satirizing the Zombie genre, simultaneously pays homage to it in all of the best ways. It's a comedy yes, and quite a good one.  But there are some creepy parts and actually pretty dramatic moments in this film that make it one of the most original, fun and endearing zombie movies of the past ten years. It focuses on Shaun, a perennial underachiever/slacker who is so aloof to the world in which he lives, that he actually doesn't notice the beginning of a zombie takeover. When he does finally realize that the world is probably over, all he wants to do is take his love ones to a bar. When this becomes less and less of an option, Shaun decides that it's time to fight for those he loves, and proves to himself that he can be counted on.

#4 Return of The Living Dead

Whoever came up with this title should have been given a raise. While it's not a sequel to Romero's Night of The Living Dead(more on that later), the title suggests that it is, which no doubt caused many movie-goers to go into the theatres expecting a Romero-esque film. They did not get that. In fact, the movie references NOTLD, in a very geek-tastic, meta-moment. This film, much like Shaun of the Dead, could be construed as a Zombie satire, but is really just another homage, and a creepy one at that. Two guys working at a chemical/germ plant accidentally unleash a gas that returns the dead to the living, and then all hell breaks loose, literally. It's funny, but quite scary as well. This film differs from most(all?) other Zombie movies, because a few Zombies actually talk! They don't totally try to redefine Zombie characteristics( I'm looking at you 28 Days Later), but it produces a few interesting scenes. It's a scary, fun, funny romp that is perfect for a group of people to watch while drinking.

#3 28 Days Later

Putting personal feelings aside, this movie has it's fans. Enough, in fact, to be ranked this high on the list. 28 Days Later isn't exactly a Zombie film, but it's close enough to be a part of the genre. There are a few notable differences between this and other Zombie films. These people aren't Zombies, per say. They're humans who were infected with a virus that makes them about 100X more violent. Oh, also, they run! The "Zombies" run. Dumb. But whatever. It's a creepy atmosphere, Cillian Murphy does a great job in his lead-role, and the camera work, while nauseating at times, is pretty genius.

#2 Night of the Living Dead

This is the one, that for all intents and purposes, started it all. Filmed in the 60's, it definitely wasn't the first Zombie film, but it was the one really defined the genre. The first scene in this movie is one of the most eerie, creepy scenes in all of cinema. Also, this film was the first film to use a black man as the "hero." George Romero was truly ahead of his time, in more ways than one, and this film proves it. Watch this movie. In black and white.  A couple years ago, I was miserably sick on Halloween. Like, couldn't move sick. Like, spent five hours with my head on the toilet sick.  Of course, by "sick" I mean, "hungover," and I couldn't do anything but want to die. Luckily, AMC was showing Night of the Living Dead. All day. I watched Night of the Living Dead about 8 times in a row, and I still love it. It's THAT good.

#1 Dawn of the Dead

This is THE Zombie film. It's the one that expanded on NOTLD, and offered even more in the ways of scares,  kills, and rules. It took the basic premise of Night, that being strangers holed up in a house, and expanded it to an entire mall! It's perfect. This is the perfect Zombie movie. I can't think of anything wrong with this movie. The characters are likable, the kills are entertaining, there's suspense, drama, and a creepiness factor that only certain films can pull off. Anyone can make a movie take place at night. But Dawn of the Dead focuses mostly on daytime, and it's awesome. Even the remake is good! It's actually probably the best remake to a horror film that has ever been made. Watch both of them, back to back, and you'll have one helluva good fright, er, night. Muahahaha.