Casper voters on the east side re-elected an incumbent council member and those on the west side unelected an incumbent in the nonpartisan race, according to unofficial results from the Natrona County Clerk's office on Tuesday.

The council will have four new members when its new term begins in January.

Casper is divided into three wards:

City of Casper
  • In Ward I, generally central Casper, there were two open four-year term positions.
  • In Ward II, generally west Casper, there were two open four-year term positions.
  • In Ward III, generally east Casper, there was one open four-year position.

In Ward I, Amber Pollock garnered the most votes with 3,432 of the total 9,902 votes cast.

Bruce H. Knell Jr. came in second with 2,513 votes.

Unsuccessful candidates Margaret Bloom and Gabriel Phillips garnered 2,442 and 1,422 votes respectively.

There were 93 write-in votes in Ward I.

In Ward II, incumbent Kenneth Bates lost to two political newcomers.

Kyle Gamroth received 4,028 votes of the total 11,801 cast.

Lisa Engebretsen received 3,221 votes.

Bates came in third with 2,660 votes, and "Edis" Allen received 1,787 votes.

There were 105 write-in votes in Ward II.

In Ward III, Steve Cathey retained his position on the council with 3,766 votes, only 85 more than challenger Michael McIntosh.

There were 102 write-in votes in Ward III.

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