Everyone knows that a dog is a man best friend. Often times, when it comes to the canines, this still holds true for women and children. We spoil our four-legged animal friends with all manner of tasty treats to show our appreciation for their continued loyalty.

From personal experience, I have had several dogs, with mine or a friends or family member's, catch any many of food in their mouth. Sometimes it even happens by surprise if I don't properly guard my plate at picnics and family reunions.

This Centennial, Colorado, boxer named Cosmo, just so happened to be a little bit slow in the motor skills department and didn't get to cash in on this particular human delicacy. Instead of eating a taco, he ended up wearing one... right on the schnoz.

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The under 30-second super slow motion video was posted by viral video sharing YouTube channel, ViralHog, on July 19th, 2021, but the footage was originally taken Monday, may 10th, 2021. Included with the video was a caption that read:

Super slow motion video...Tossed a fully loaded Carnitas soft Taco to my Boxer, Cosmo for him to catch and eat. Cosmo tracked it all the way to his mouth but didn't open it to catch it. At the last second, he closed his eyes and the Taco landed on his closed mouth, exploding all over his muzzle.

While it almost seems like a total waste of a good looking taco, it was definitely worth the watch. Honestly, the slo-mo, makes it so much more hilarious.

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