A recent viral video shows a rogue tire hitting a house and causing some significant damage.

The video was initially posted to YouTube by ViralHog late last month (August 24th, 2020). The incident takes place in Pataskala, Ohio, and shows a tire, which flew off a vehicle on the nearby road, moving at a speed of 65 miles per hour, taking out a post on a house, before crashing into said house and ringing the doorbell, before it bounces away.

The video has gone viral on other platforms as well, including Twitter. Fred Schultz (among others), have shared the video with some hilarious captions, which allude to Amazon delivery. For example:

The tire you ordered from Amazon is here.

Luckily no one was injured during the incident. A tire of that size moving at that speed could very dangerous, if not lethal. If you don't believe me, take a lot at the video below. That gentlemen wasn't nearly as lucky. This particular incident took place in Brazil. The man was seriously injured, but he did survive.

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