A new video highlights a young bison calf attempting to traverse up a hill to catch up with the herd at Yellowstone National Park.

Much like every Disney animal-themed movie ever made (from Bambi to The Lion King), the cow waits for the calf to finally make the climb before continuing on their journey with the rest of the herd. It's tough love parenting in the wild, but that will hopefully help the calf to survive later in life.

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The short, minute and half video was posted by viral video sharing YouTube channel, ViralHog, on July 19th, 2021, but the footage was originally captured in June, 2021. Along with the video, a caption was included that read:

Yellowstone National Park. Mom was forging up the hill then noticed the baby struggling. Life in the wilderness is difficult but the baby made it.

By the caption, the original poster of the video is mostly likely a tourist, as they didn't know the correct term for a baby bison is actually called a calf.

I'm willing to admit that although I was rooting for the little bugger the whole time, the first time I watched the video, I wasn't sure if it was going to make it or not. I'm so glad it did though, because also just like a Disney movie, it's always better with a happy ending. Don't you agree?

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