This is definitely something you don't see everyday.

Animals in their natural habitat are almost always fun to watch (from a safe distance), because much like young children, you're just never quite sure what might happen. Thus was the case recently when a gentleman captured video footage of what appeared to be a pair of beavers battling it out in the Grand Teton National Park.

It's unclear if the beavers were fighting over territory, attempting some type of mating ritual or whether they were just playing. Regardless, it made for an awesome video, especially considering how close the animals got to a couple of fishing boats at one point.

I, for one, am just glad the onlookers didn't try to get any closer or interfere with whatever it was that the beavers were doing.

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The short, 50-second video was shared to YouTube by Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures along with caption that read:

Beaver Battle! Here's something you don't see often! ⁠
Naturalist @joshmettenphoto recently observed these two beavers wrestling while on a float through Grand Teton National Park. Beavers are territorial but also live in multi generational family groups so we're not totally sure if this was a dispute or play.

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