To quote the old lady from the back in the day Wendy's commercials: WHERE'S THE BEEF?! Not everyone partakes in the eating of the swine. Some for religious reason (like myself) and others for health concerns, but no matter why, some items are getting harder and harder to find. And what is at the top of that list: beef bacon and/or Sizzlean.

I have been searching for quite some time for beef bacon and Sizzlean was always the top brand (if not the only I knew about). But over the last near decade, I have been unable to obtain the beef substitute for traditional pork bacon. So I took to the internet. And what I found out semi-crushed my hopes. Sizzlean has been off the market since 2005!

After a quick Google search, my hopes did go up a bit when I discovered there are other brands that produce beef bacon. But it's not as popular as turkey bacon. That shocked me at first, but after digging a little deeper, I found that although beef bacon is more lean than pork bacon, turkey bacon contains a lot less fat than both of the others. Translation: people willing to go a healthier route would prefer to go with the least amount of fat if possible. Also, turkey bacon is cheaper to produce than beef.

I eat turkey bacon, but I would prefer beef bacon on taste alone... forget the fat content. Sometimes taste just wins out. Thank you internet once again for saving my taste buds.