This of course is speculation, opinion. If I had to choose one animal from Wyoming that I thought was the coolest, this is what it would be. I recently have been around someone knowledgeable about these animals and they are fascinating and one of the hardest to hunt for.

Known for their agility and ability to climb steep rocky terrain, the Rocky Mountain Goat is Wyoming's coolest animal. They are not easy to find, not easy to hunt and they live in an area with limited accessibility. They can jump nearly 12 feet!


So where can you find these great beasts in Wyoming? Well The Grand Tetons always provide a good mountain goat scene. Below is a map showing what regions you can find them in Wyoming.

Photo map


They inhabit some of the areas most beautiful alpine terrain. "Tough as nails" as some would say. They have very maneuverable hooves with rough pads that act like grips.

They only have one kid maybe two but normally just one, so the mothers can be very protective. Mountain goats can withstand the winter, endure wild elements, and elude their pray in elevations sometimes at 13,000 feet.

We have a lot of majestic and fascinating creatures in the state. It wasn't easy choosing the "coolest" one. Whether you call it the Mountain Goat or by it's Latin name Oreamnos Americanus, this creature is fascinating and possibly slightly underrated.