Summertime is just about here and with the weather starting to heat up, so is the fishing across much of Wyoming!  Fishing conditions should continue to improve as we expect summer-like temperatures statewide all the way through the weekend.

Free fishing day is this Saturday, so there is no excuse not to grab a fishing pole and head out to your favorite fishing spot and don't forget to take the kids!!

But the real question is - where to go?  Should you head to the lake or hit the river? Of course there is also what to use to entice the fish to bite?

Let's take a look and see what the first weekend in June has in store for us.

Lake Fishing

Lake What's Biting What To Use Status
Alcova Trout Worms, Powerbait FAIR to GOOD
Walleye Jigs, Minnows, Worms,
Leeches, Spoons
Pathfinder Trout Worms, Minnows FAIR to GOOD
Walleye Jigs, Minnows, Leeches
Glendo Walleye Jigs with Minnows or Leeches GOOD
Seminoe Walleye Jigs with Minnows or Leeches FAIR
Boysen Walleye Jigs with Minnows or Leeches GOOD
Greyrocks Walleye Spoons, Jigs with FAIR
Minnows or Leeches

River Fishing

River What's Biting What To Use Flow / Status
Gray Reef Trout San Juans, Leeches, Midges 3000 CFS Clear
Brown and Olive Buggers VERY GOOD
Scuds, Sculpin, Rockworms
Trappers Route Trout San Juans, Leeches 3000 CFS Muddy
Eggs, Scuds, Sculpins POOR
Miracle Mile Trout Leeches, Buggers, San Juans, Scuds 3200 CFS Clear
Eggs, BWO's, Rockworms FAIR to GOOD
Red and Black Midges
Sechrist Trout San Juans, Scuds, Eggs 3000 CFS Muddy
Rockworms and Leeches POOR
Cardwell Trout Rockworms, Scuds, Buggers 700 CFS
Copper Johns, Midges FAIR to GOOD
Wind River Trout Buggers, Sculpins 2200 CFS Clear
Midges, Copper Johns, GOOD
Pheasant Tails and San Juans
Glenrock - Pwr Plant Catfish Nightcrawlers, Cutbait 2800 CFS Off Color
Chicken Livers FAIR

Whether your passion is angling with a traditional spin gear or if you prefer the art and beauty of fly fishing you will want to set aside the honey-do's and make a trip to wet a line at one of the amazing fisheries right here in our own backyard.

For more information on where to fish in and around Central Wyoming, be sure to check out the Wyoming Game and Fish website.