One thing I love about Halloween is all of the candy on store shelves. Often times they'll introduce new items just for that year, too. I spotted these White Chocolate Candy Corn flavored M&M's. They can't be that gross... can they?

Spoiler Alert: They are.

You're immediately greeted with a velvety, smooth white chocolate. The texture is fine, but it's a much sweeter white chocolate than you should be accustom to. As if it were cream cheese, but sweeter, if you can image that. Followed by a hit of that familiar candy corn flavor. Not a good combination.

As I stated in the video, I once poured a bowl of Raisin Bran and, without thinking, used buttermilk and took a shoveled a big spoonful in my mouth. That tasted better than these M&M's.

Stay away from these. Stay away from these like the plague. They're double-gross.