Most of us are all looking forward to the weekend for a bit of rest and relaxation.  But when it comes to the office, if given the choice, would you rather have the flexibility to come and go when you need to or work a four day work week?

The question was presented in a new survey that asked its readers if they would prefer being able to come and go at work with more flexibility.  Or if given the option would they rather work from home or put in a few more hour in the work day to have a four day work week.  The survey results show'd the need for more flexibility in the work place to help employees with heavy family demands (like kids soccer games or doctors appointments, etc.).

We know that not all jobs could offer such an option, but it's still fun to think about the what if's!

But we were wondering which you'd prefer if the choice was presented to you?

Given the option would you:

Want to enjoy a flexible work schedule - come in and leave work whenever you want as long as you put in your 40 hours a week.

The ability to work from home - knowing you have to get all your work requirement completed even if it means working weekends.

Work a four day work week - 10 hour work days, but 3 days off each week.

Which one would you choose?  Answer the poll question and we'll let you know the results next week.

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