We've been through far worse.

A couple of weeks ago Wyoming had temperatures as low as -42F overnight.

Valentine's day, 2023, brought in cold air and some snow, direct from Canada.


So Wednesday morning the Western state of the United State woke up to single-digit temperatures, with a few places just a little lower than that.

Looking at the map, provided by the website/app called WINDY, we can see that the higher elevations of Wyoming are holding the lowest temperatures in the nation.

When it gets this cold it's hard for the wind to blow.

The cold air will set into the lowest places.

That means that the coldest air will not be at higher elevations, as these conditions evolve.

That cold air will get stuck there.

Little chance of it warming up with all that white snow on the ground.

attachment-Windy App 021523

Overnight, Wednesday, and into Thursday, show colder temperatures.

In the screenshot below, from WINDY, you'll see how that cold air will settle into the lower elevations and rest there.

At this point, it's a competition as to which state is the coldest, Wyoming or Colorado.

That won't change until warmer air arrives.

The warmer air coming in means windy days.

Expect that wind to arrive Thursday afternoon through Saturday.

attachment-Windy App 021523 2

Next week is a mix of nice sunny days followed by days of snow, then more wind, rinse and repeat until the end of the month, at least

Weather forecasters are looking at something that might be developing for later next week.

Perhaps another push of cold air from Canada.


At the same time warmer moist air from the pacific over top of that.

That setup could lead to a colder snowier week, late next week.

We will keep you posted.

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