Wyoming has had some very uncharacteristically warm weather, especially for December. For those ready for cooler temperatures and snow, your prayers have been answered.

The National Weather Service is reporting a significant drop in temperatures over the next few days, with light snowfall expected by this evening (Thursday, December 10th, 2020). Say goodbye to those high 50° and low 60° temps. The low for the evening is estimated to be around 15°. There is also a 40% chance of an inch of snow with that percentage rising to 60% by tomorrow. The snow is expected to last through Saturday night, with the temperature rising to a cool 28° by Sunday morning.

Wyomingites can take joy in the fact that while we've been enjoying these higher temperatures, other parts of the country that are normally warm this time of year, have been seeing record lows. Florida has been in the high 20° to low 30° all week long.

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It was fun while it lasted, but with Hogadon Ski Area opening back up on Saturday, this upcoming snow is surely welcome.

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