An article published by the website, The Top Tens, listed Wyoming as the second most useless state in the entire country. First and foremost, we think this list is ludicrous and we demand an accurate vote.

After doing a quick reconnaissance mission through their website, it wasn't difficult to tell that there was no real rhyme or reason to how they devised this list to begin with. It appears to be strictly based off asinine comments.

One anonymous user stated:

It looks like a nuclear bomb went off in this state, and judging by the quality of the truck stops (and the disgusting truckers attached to them) maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Another stated:

I keep forgetting that Wyoming is a state.

Yet another commented:

I lived in Colorado for ten years of my life. My family and I would always drive through Wyoming to get to the panhandle of Nebraska (which isn't much better, by the way), and there is literally nothing there. The capital of Wyoming (Cheyenne) is essentially on the Wyoming/Colorado border, which I assume is because they're trying to leech tourism from the Rocky Mountain skiers. It's as flat as Kansas, save for a few scattered bluffs here and there, and those are literally the only sights you will see on the road.
Yes, Yellowstone is there, but it's really nothing special. It smells like sulfur and unless you are a hiker it's not for you.
Essentially, the whole state is like a sheet of desert with a few rocks poking up. No stars.

Those were just a few of the nicer (but still offensive) things that were said about the good ole Cowboy State. Luckily, there were a quite a few people that came to our defense.

Username LostDream258 stated:

Wyoming is very interesting. The vast deserts and history. The first national park to ever be established in the world is there- Yellowstone National Park. Sound familiar? Come, people! We are the United States! We are one! We work together, hand in hand, state by state, and help each other. No state is pointless, they are all wonderful in there own way. Whomever made this list has lost their patriotism.

We agree 100% with her statement. Kudos to you, ma'am!

All fifty states have their respective quirks, but we wouldn't be the United Sates without them all. We should all keep that in mind.

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