This is a plea. This is a serious call to action. Fellow Wyomingites: please do not spoil the upcoming "Spider-Man: No Way Home" movie.

A similar no spoilers campaign went out prior to the theatrical release of "Avengers: Endgame", and it was pretty successful, so I am urging Wyoming residents to please be respectful of folks that may not get to watch the film during it's first few days of release.

The latest installment in Spidey franchise hits local theaters on Thursday, December 16th, 2021, but remember, this is a busy week for a lot of parents and children alike. There's a lot of last minute work (and school), before the holiday break, so a large portion of residents won't have the luxury of catching the film this week. Matter of fact, a lot of people may not be able to see it until after the Christmas breaks officially begins, so let's be thoughtful of the rest of the population and keep spoilers off of social media.

The official Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube channel shared short, hilarious, but on-point video of the leading cast members (plus a surprise guest), urging fans and movie goers to not spoil the film. Along with the 34-second video, they shared a caption that read:

NO SPOILERS. 🚫 Don’t be that person.
If you want to be extra safe, stop reading comments, mute keywords, and start staying off social media today!

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Definitely feel free to discuss it with your friends and family in person or find those awesome comic book private groups and chat rooms, but I implore you, please, keep the spoilers off social media, for at least the first few days of the films release.

Always remember the "Peter Parker principle": with great power comes great responsibility.

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