The Equality State didn't rank as high as it should have for a part of the country known for being the first state to grant women the right to vote and to elect a woman governor.

A new study conducted by personal finance website, WalletHub, ranked the Cowboy State 29th overall for "2021 Best & Worst States for Women".

Source: WalletHub
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WalletHub compared the all fifty states and the District of Columbia across twenty-six key indicators of living standards for women. Some of those key metrics included:

  • Median Earnings for Female Workers
  • Unemployment Rate for Women
  • Job Security for Women
  • Share of Women Living in Poverty
  • Unaffordability of Doctor’s Visit
  • Share of Women-Owned Businesses
  • “Economic Clout” of Women-Owned Firms

This is a good news, bad news scenario. Wyoming's overall ranking was just below the national average, but looking on the bright side, there was one particular area were we did shine. We were tied for fourth place (with South Dakota), for the lowest unemployment rate for women. As a matter of fact, the only states that scored higher than us in this particular metric were Nebraska, North Dakota and Vermont respectively.

As a whole, for a place known as the Equality State, we obviously have work to do, but we're still not as bad as about half of the country either. We'll take this little victory and strive to do better throughout the rest of 2021.

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