Surprisingly, a higher average speed limit may be the reason we has a lower percentage of aggressive drivers.

You know that feeling when you get on the open road and there's no one around you? It's just you and the road. It's a euphoric feeling that is sometimes made even better by how fast you can go on that road. Well, in Wyoming, we've got it pretty good.

In fact, Wyoming has the highest average speed in the nation at 55 miles per hour.

This is according to an app called Gas Buddy. This app recently looked at the states with the most aggressive drivers based on three driving habits, hard braking, speed and rapid acceleration. They found that these three habits can cost a person an average of $477 per year in fuel consumption.

Wyoming was not one of the state in the top 10 for most aggressive drivers. We were number 46 on the list. Gas Buddy believes this is because our average speed limit is so high, compared to the rest of the U.S. The Cowboys State has some of the fewest aggressive driving habits, like speeding, and also has plenty of open roads and little congestion.

Although, we're pretty sure that the wind hammering on your car could lead to extra fuel guzzling, but that's a study for another day.

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