All residents know that Casper is great place to live. Although there a lot of things we all may not agree on (like politics, religion and sports teams), there are also a few things that everyone knows to be facts. These are just a few.

*If we've forgotten any, please let us know in the comments.*

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    Peaches Has The Best Ranch

    We may argue on the best place to get a steak, Asian cuisine, tacos or even sandwiches, but everyone will agree that Peaches has the best ranch... hands down!

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    You Can Get From One Side Of Casper To The Other In 10 Minutes

    Now of course this depends on optimal road conditions, but even on the worst snow and iced-filled day, you can still get from the east side Wal-Mart to the west side location in under 30 minutes... easy!

    Tom McCarthy, Townsquare Media
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    Sidelines Was The "It" Spot Back In The Day

    It went through a couple of different locations and quite a few name changes, but it was no secret where the cool kids were going to get their dance on back in the day.
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    Avoid The Side Streets If The Roads Are Bad

    This is by no means disrespectful to our wonderful city employees. We know they do their best with the main streets. That being said, we know what hills (15th & Beverly), roads (Outer Drive) and backstreets (all of them) to avoid during inclement weather conditions.

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    Casper Is Like A Vortex... It Sucks You Back In!

    Most of us love it here (i.e. why we stay), but even the small amount of people that say they don't, usually find their way back... no matter how long they're gone.