It's not an easy achievement to see the world from the top of Yellowstone's Avalanche Peak since it requires a hike above 10,000 feet. But, thanks to an experienced hiker, you can see that view for yourself.

Woodland Traveler doesn't have that many subscribers on YouTube yet, but videos like this are likely to increase his popularity. He said that this is his favorite Wyoming hike so far. This is why.

The National Park Service website gives details about the Avalanche Peak Trail. They recommend the Eleanor Lake trail head that this guy took. They warn of the high level of difficulty and describe it as a strenuous high-elevation trail that isn't recommended for anyone with respiratory or heart problems. Duh.

They also warn any hikers to be aware of weather and especially lightning threats if storms are nearby.

If you happen to have the physical capability, All Trails ranks Avalanche Peak Trail as a true 5 star experience. They list it as a 4.7 mile hike that can be very windy and is very well-traveled so you're not likely to be alone.

The reviews on Trip Advisor agree with the quality of the Avalanche Peak experience. It's nearly all 5 star reviews there, but many have mentioned you'll encounter snow even if you hike in July.

As this guy's video shows, the view of Wyoming from the peak of this trail is breathtaking and worth the effort if you (literally) have the heart for it.

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