Every now and again, we get hit with nostalgia. After hunger pains had taken control of my higher brain functions one day, my mind drifted back to the best pizza I had ever had in my life: Giansanti's!

Giansanti's Pizza was located in downtown Casper, at 241 South Center, where Sanford's was also previously located. Owned and operated by John Giansanti, they were known for having some of the best pizza sauce on this side of the Mason Dixon, which according to his former friends and employees, was a well guarded secret.

What I remember of Giansanti's (other than the pizza being the best I've ever had) was the pies being cut into squares, as well as the inside on the establishment being adorned with huge stuffed fish (like a ginormous swordfish), which if they story he told this little 5-year old boy (me) were true, he'd caught himself in Alaska.

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Giansanti's was open from July 1972 until March 1987. If you're lucky and/or old enough to remember, you'll always have that little piece of Casper heaven in your memory banks.

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