Maybe you've heard about the new flesh eating drug Krokodil? Yeah, it's the new drug that actually EATS druggies.

It's made of Codeine and gasoline... what a lovely cocktail. To borrow a line from Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect, 'I sometimes have a feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think "Hmm, better not."'

I'm thinking even if I was inclined to do drugs, I'd have to pass on Krokodil. After all, I'm afraid of needles... and oh yeah, afraid of anything with the term 'flesh eating' attached to it. FYI, while this video is pretty funny, Krokodil is scary as hell. It's a heroine substitute that is an epidemic in Russia. But at 78 cents a gallon, it might be a good fuel alternative. JOKING! FYI, totally not suitable for work and also contains graphic images!