The countdown is on, for two weeks of highly-anticipated online auditions - the first time ever on American Idol.  After delaying the start date, Idol announced that things are go as of now - here's how to participate:

First, visit the audition section of American Idol's website.  From there, you'll be able to create an account, and submit a video for consideration.  There's no "approved song list" - you're free to sing anything you like, as long as it's a capella.

Not quite the singing type, but know someone who is?  This year, there's also a "nominate a friend" section for Idol, where you can tip them off to someone you think's talented enough to make the show.

And of course, we're on the eve of the American Idol visit to Casper, where live auditions will take place on their "Small Town Auditions Bus Tour".  We're live at Fort Caspar with all the details Wednesday - keep an eye out for new information all day here.