Dear Mother Nature,

Let me begin by thanking you for the excellent job you've done over the years. While I am airing out some more recent grievances, overall, I think you've been doing a fantastic job.

That being said, for Wyoming, we've had a fairly mild winter. My issue is, for the last month or two, you have greatly confused me. We've had some days that were upwards of 60° (which is really crazy for this area), but we've also had some snow storms that followed those uncharacteristically warm days.

While I have greatly enjoyed not freezing my buns off all winter, I know the lack of rain and snow is going to backfire in a big way come spring and definitely throughout the summer.

So I'm implore you, can we have a little bit more of the wet stuff? I'm not saying we need influx of negative temperatures (that 30° area is fine for me), but some more snow here or there would be greatly appreciated.

I just want to reiterate, this is no way saying you have been doing a bad job. I recognize it must be difficult (see also: impossible), to make everyone happy all the time. Just from my own Wyoming inner circle, I know plenty of people that have greatly enjoyed the mild winter. I also know some of these same folks will be complaining come summer.

I'll end by saying, ultimately, whatever you decide to do with the weather is your decision and I'll support you in it. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to hear (read?) my words.


DJ Nyke

P.S. - Thanks for giving New York City a taste of what we go through annually. They needed/deserved that snowstorm.

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