Sounds like Selena Gomez may not be taking a page from her bestie Taylor Swift's book, because she and Justin Bieber may reconcile.

Both halves of Jelena were in New York City last night -- Selena was on business while Justin was on his Believe tour. Life & Style reports that Bieber and Gomez reunited at her hotel, and Beliebers and Selenators in the area confirmed the news.

Another spy reported, “I saw Selena go into the hotel around 5:40 PM and not even three hours later, Justin went in. I saw him leave around 11 PM.” Yet another spy says that Bieber, Gomez, their pal Alfredo Flores and Gomez's cousin Priscilla Deleon were all dining together at the Morandi restaurant within the hotel at about 10 PM.

It's unclear whether the pair were trying to work things out or simply talk over their split and how each half will handle it in the press. However, Bieber was said to not believe that their relationship was truly over since they'd broken up and reunited a few times before. In fact, he admitted that he didn't know what to say when asked about his status with Sel, and it may be because he wants to try patching things up.

However, when a fan caught Biebs on camera exiting the premises, he didn't look too happy -- though that may also be because he doesn't want the world in his business. Watch and wait, Beliebers!