Good news, Arianators! Ariana Grande's voice is back, and she's using it to speak out on her life and career.

Grande reached out to her fans via Instagram to thank them for the get well wishes, but it turned out, they weren't necessary! "Thank you so much for the well wishes," Grande said in the clip above, "but I'm actually completely fine. My voice is healthy -- I'm talking right now! I just lost my voice at my party for my album."

The 'Baby I' singer also chatted with Billboard about her new video. "It's like a 90s, throwback-type vibe," says Grande of the 'Baby I' video. "When I said 'I want it to look like this,' I said like a TLC, 'Fresh Prince' type vibe," she revealed, explaining the wardrobe choices. "I was like, 'Let's just get really silly, 90s amazing outfits, and just go out and dance around and have fun."

As for the plans to promote the song and the album, Grande, who toured with the Wanted and Justin Bieber, said she wants to start a headlining trek soon. "I'd love to do a worldwide tour and go sing for my fans in other countries, and meet them … I want to get overseas and meet everybody over there, and perform for them. I think that'd be a great experience."

Watch Ariana Grande Talk About Touring + 'Baby I'