Nathan Sykes, are you listening? Ariana Grande is dishing on her debut album, 'Yours Truly,' which dropped yesterday (Sept. 3) -- and she says it's very, very personal.

Part of why Grande is excited for 'Yours Truly' is so fans will get to know her better as a singer and as a human being since she's being herself, not playing Cat Valentine.

"People got to know me first as an actress, but my mom said I'm a singer who acts on the side, but now they are gonna get to know Ariana the little brunette girl from Boca [Raton, Florida] who loves music more than anything," Grande told MTV News. "And that's very exciting to me, and it's very relatable. A lot about boys, a lot about love, a lot about romance. I'm a hopeless romantic!" Why isn't she BFFs with Taylor Swift?!

One song in particular that Grande holds close to her hopelessly romantic heart is 'Honeymoon Avenue.'

"I almost cried last night when I was singing it onstage, 'cause it's about something that's so special to me when I hear it," she gushed. "It strikes a personal chord ... 'Honeymoon Avenue' is about knowing you are at the end of a relationship and wishing it could not be the end and go back to the beginning and start over."

Like with Jai Brooks? We digress, but Grande hints that her own love life is captured on the record.

"I feel like some of the most important years of my life have been captured in this album and some of my most important experiences like relationship-wise," she admitted. "So many things I've learned I'll remember when I listen back to these songs. It's just such a special thing for me. I can't wait for my fans to hear it."

Don't worry, they hear it loud and clear -- it's No. 1 on iTunes!