Lady Gaga's photographer ,Terry Richardson, who is pretty much a card-carrying member of the Haus of Gaga, shared tons of candid, you-had-to-be-there and behind-the-scenes photos from the Mother Monster's Saturday night (Dec. 15) performance with the Rolling Stones.

The pop diva wore her version of the ugly Christmas sweater, a holiday staple. It's bright red, with extra-long sleeves, and she paired it with leggings and her newly platinum blonde locks, which are several feet long at this point. We hate to say it, but not even Gaga can make Christmas attire chic. She does look adorbs all lapped up with Richardson, as she is perched on his lap and they are engaged in some friendly nuzzling. You can feel the love ... and the holiday spirit, thanks to Gaga's festive sweater.

We also see Gaga hanging out with her classic rock-loving father Joe Germanotta, who looks like a total fan. Is he wearing a Gaga t-shirt under his leather jacket? It looks like it and if he is, that's too freakin' cute for words. Such a proud Papa G.

She's also engulfing her baby sis Natali, who recently posed for a fashion spread of her own, in a big hug, too.

Gaga was the bell of the rock ball this weekend, as she also posed with Bruce Springsteen, whom she professed her love for previously. She got another snap with the Stones' Ronnie Wood, too. Gaga seems to have bonded with him the most, as they posed together before the show. She also tweeted something sweet that he told her:

When Ron Wood gave me his pick and said I really love that song about you Hair, is that not every girls dream. Get me my AquaNet

Which behind-the-scenes photos from Gaga's weekend performance with the Stones is your favorite?

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