It's October, and Halloween will be here before you know it. My daughter and I got a jump on things last weekend and got all our decorations out - which of course somehow triggered a dose of Wyoming wind, so we're spending most of this week looking for them in the neighbor's yard. Element-battling aside, I was pretty proud of our attempt this year - until I saw these. Presenting, the most epic Halloween decorations ever - so far.

  • "Thriller" House

    I am bowing down in the presence of whoever decorated this house. I've seen some pretty cool Christmas light shows before - you've probably seen the people in Casper on the East side that do a choreographed light show with the soundtrack broadcasted on a mini-FM radio transmitter that you can hear in the car while you're watching - but this one takes the prize.

  • The Hallo-Window

    The guys at came up with this a few Halloweens ago, and do a new version every year. They sell DVD's, which you connect to a projector, and focus it on a sheet or screen attached to your window. Looks awesome.

  • The Web-Master 2000

    We've all probably used the little bag of fake spiderwebs that you stretch and spread over bushes, trees, windows - comes with a little fake black spider usually, and looks ok. Child's play, compared to the awesome Web-Master 2000. Take a cordless drill, fan blade, some rubber cement and a cup, and you have what looks like the real thing. (Or buy it from them on eBay.)

  • Kentucky Halloween House

    These people in Lexington, Kentucky go all-out for Halloween. Would hate to see the power bill.

  • Beetlejuice House

    Not quite as cool as the "Thriller" house - but gotta give credit for some cool lighting and synchronization.

  • Pumpkin House

    Nice use of pumpkins and video. Wonder how long and loud they played the song before the neighbors came unglued.

  • Outdoor and Indoor Ghosts

    These guys did a really cool job with a flying ghost, and a window haunt that comes and goes from the front of the house. Combined with some fake boarded up windows up top, makes for a cool effect.

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