Is this publication trying to tell us that the great outdoors are not conducive to child rearing?

When it comes to starting or adding to your family, there are a lot of questions that come to mind when deciding where to do it. Even though my husband and I don't have kids yet, we thought of how we want them raise and the kind of environment we want to influence them. This can sometimes be determined by the city you choose to live in.

So why is Wyoming not one of the best?

WalletHub recently put out a list of "Best & Worst Places to Raise a Family" and didn't name one city in the Cowboy state. For what it's worth, we dodged a bullet not being on the bottom of that list as one of the worst places, but we believe we could be one of the best. We live in a beautiful place that creates ample opportunities to be outside learning basic survival skills (I don't know many people that can catch/trap their own dinner outside of Wyoming) and we aren't afraid of a little hard work.

I did not grow up in Wyoming, I grew up in the mountains of southern California. But I see plenty of similarities of where my roots are to here. We lived on 40 acres where I learned the value of hard work and wasn't afraid to get my hands dirty. I believe I was a little more grounded and prepared for the real world than most of the people I met in college.

Also, WalletHub looked at key metrics like health, safety, education, child care, affordability and even fun activities. I think we pass with flying colors in many of these categories. Certainly when compared to other places across the country. Do you agree?

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