Our boy Boone is at it again.

We first met Boone Donley last year when he shared with us how he took his experience as a victim of bullying and decided to create an anti-bullying campaign.

Boone hoped that he could help spread the word about how children can stand up to bullies, and steps they can take to prevent it from happening again. One suggestion is to have children ask an adult they trust and for help.

He also encourages other children to stand up for their peers that are being bullied, and if they don't feel comfortable with that, they should go to an adult they trust with their problem.

Boone's goal was to get as many Cowboy and Cowgirls as he can to wear his "Buck Off Bullying" stickers and to promote their anti-bullying campaign.

His stickers can now be found across the U.S. and Boone has been featured in multiple articles and was Hero of the Week on the American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks.

This winter he donated more than 200 toys to a local charity just in time for Christmas. He used money that was raised in the Summer with a Lemonade stand and donations from local people that want to help him spread his message of kindness and strength.

Boone's next goal is to offer rodeo scholarships to kids that have been victims of bullying.

And THIS is where we need your help.

Boone needs you to vote for him in the Juicy Juice "Show Your Goodness" Campaign.

The top 10 kids will each receive $1,500 to go towards their cause, and we want Boone to be among the winners.

You can find him in the ages 6-10 category and you can vote for him daily until February 23, 2020.

Just follow this link to help him out, and spread the word about this brave local boy and his anti-bullying campaign.

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