This just in. It's not easy being a lady. Childbirth is just one of the many challenges unique to females. One boyfriend wanted to prove he could handle that kind of pain. A new video proves he was wrong. Very wrong.

First, here's the backstory as shared by the girlfriend of this boyfriend:

My boyfriend made the comment that labor can't be as bad as women make it seem. So we purchased a labor stimulator from Amazon. He said he could handle it without any facial expressions or sounds. He barely made it halfway and was physically and verbally reactive immediately.

This is the result.

This video was a revelation to me. Not due to the fact that labor pains really are worse than most men realize, but the fact that there are a wide variety of labor simulators on Amazon. Most are pretty affordable and can be had for as little as $20 or $30. Perhaps a fun gift idea for the man in your life? I'm full of ideas.

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