First of all, I know I'm incredibly blessed and believe me, I'm totally grateful! I just wanted to get that out of the way before the haters took over.

Yes, over the weekend, some of radio's best and brightest got the chance to not only hang with Katy Perry but were able to hear several of the tracks from Katy's upcoming album Prism, which is scheduled for release October 22, 2013. I somehow was able to sneak myself in!

I have to admit, had I been able to have my cell or camera in the room, I might have been tempted to catch a little audio. Alas, all of our electronic devices were taken away to ensure no leaks prior to the album's release.

With that being said, I can assure you, Prism is Katy's best effort to date. And yes, she is absolutely stunning in person, even in the middle of a jam packed promo tour. (FYI, while we were there, Katy also had a Make-A-Wish child with her, so she's not just talented and beautiful, she's kind as well!)

I heard an incredible array of tracks on Prism, from serious to dance-y. Since I have to rely on my alcohol-soaked memory, I'll have to give you my favorites and get on with it:

1. The Grace of God - probably won't receive nationwide air play but dang is it good! Easily my favorite of the evening!

2. Unconditionally - I must have been leading with my ovaries front and center during the listening party because this is another emotionally powerful song that I thoroughly enjoyed

3. Dark Horse - Simply incredible! I can't wait for you to hear it!

4. Legendary Lovers - The PERFECT song for Valentine's Day 2014!

5. Double Rainbow - No, it doesn't sample the Double Rainbow guy... It doesn't have to, it's that good!

Honorable Mentions: Pretty much the rest of the album that I was able to hear! I totally dug Birthday and Walking on Air!

Here are the pictures as captured by the event photographer from PWP Studio used with permission by Capitol Records. Remember, they took our phones and cameras?

After being treated to a taste test of the new album, we got to see Katy's video for Roar on a big screen with studio quality sound. It was incredible. (Can I use the word incredible any more?)

I simply love Katy Perry and the person that she is. Rock on with your bad self Katy, being in radio I don't normally buy music, but I will buy yours!