Casper is being picked on, yet again, on the internet, but this time, I'm actually taking offense to it.

An article was posted by that lists "The Most Miserable Cities in America" and ranks them in descending order, fifty through one. Where did Casper rank on the list, you ask? We landed at #48.

Considering again that there are 50 cities that made the list, 48th isn't really that bad, but I would have preferred we didn't make this list at all. Furthermore, I'm pretty sure at least some of their data sources were incorrect (or outdated at best).

Here's what they had to say about the Casper:

In a city with a population of approx 57,000, the median household income is about $60,000, which is above the national average. However, Casper has the lowest income growth in the country and the crime rate there is about 16% higher than the national average.  That means that if you move there, you'd have a one in 34 chance of becoming a victim of some kind of crime.

Wyoming, itself has the third-highest work hours per week and the highest suicide rate. Coincidence? We think not. But, if you are planning a move to Wyoming, may we suggest Cheyenne? It is considered the happiest city in the state.

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Casper is definitely and awesome place to live. To prove my point, I did a little online research to confirm my suspensions about their crime statistics being off. For instance, according to, Cheyenne actually ranks much higher than us on the most dangerous Wyoming cities list. Our state capital ranked 2nd on that list, while Casper didn't even crack the top 10. ThisvsThat data on the national average crime rate was off as well. While you may be more likely to be raped in Casper (by a fraction more), you're much more likely to get robbed, assaulted and/or murdered in Cheyenne (according to information gleaned from

Click here for Casper's crime statistics.

Click here for Cheyenne's crime statistics.

It is also worth noting that although the work hours and suicide rate info is accurate, our relatively small state population always makes those numbers look worse than some of the more metropolitan areas. For example, the entire state of Wyoming has less than 750,000 people, so even one suicide greatly affects our national ranking. Not to mention, those are the entire states numbers, not just Casper's.

Whoever complied this list did not do their due diligence and because of that, I must insist that a new tally be done and our good name be restored.

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