Remember when parents would get advice to check their kids' candy after a night of trick or treating, to make sure it doesn't have razorblades or THC? Stories like this are why.

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The Casper Police Department reported that, during a recent traffic stop, officers came across THC products that have packaging which closely resembles common types of candy, such as Skittles, Trolli, and Sour Bite Crawlers.

"Both the outside packaging and items inside are made to look like highly recognizable candy brands," the CPD reported. "Even at a close glance, the distinguishing factors of the packaging can be easily missed. "These products are not consumable candies. They are consumable marijuana products with high levels of THC, some containing Delta-8 THC."

While Delta-8 products are not illegal in Wyoming, other forms of THC are, which is why the Casper Police Department put out the warning.

"The Casper Police Department is sharing this information publicly to alert the community, specifically parents and child caretakers," CPD wrote. "The FDA has issued warnings on this subject, specifically to help protect children who may unknowingly consume THC-laced candies. The CDC has also issued warnings regarding children mistakenly ingesting marijuana through these disguised candies and the harmful side effects that can take place."

The Casper Police Department stated that they are encouraging parents and guardians to "be vigilant to help keep our community's children safe."

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