For years people have placed their trust in the Farmer's Almanac for all kinds of information, such as how much snow a region will receive and when is the best time to plant crops.  Now the folks who put together the almanac have conducted a survey to try and find the cities with the worst weather according to public opinion and statistics.

To compile their list the Farmer's Almanac looked at temperatures, sky conditions, precipitation, humidity, and wind. This year they did it with a twist, they were looking at which cities have the worst winter weather and which have the worst summer weather.

Here are the 5 Worst Winter Weather Cities according to the Farmer's Almanac online:

#5 - Detroit, Michigan - seems like their economy isn't all that is cold in the motor city.

#4 - Cleveland, Ohio - Go for the Rock and Roll, leave when the cold and snow arrive.

#3 - Casper, Wyoming - On average, the temperature in Casper is at or below 32 degrees for approximately 181 days a year.  Add in the Wyoming winds and Casper gets blown into the top 5.

#2 - Duluth, Minnesota - in a word - Frigid!  It's cold up there... Dontcha know!!

#1 - Syracuse, New York - Cold, Clammy and Snowy are among the factors that earn this city the title of Worst Winter Weather City in the USA.

For a more in depth look at why each city was chosen to be in the top five - Click Here

Source: Farmer's Almanac