The Active Shooter video game has officially been canceled after many an outraged cry from students, victims and family members of the Parkland School Shooting (as well as the majority of the general public). But there is also a large portion of people speaking up in defense of the online first person shooter.

Active Shooter was created by Russian video game developer, Ata Berdiyev and was originally scheduled for release on June 6th, 2018 through the digital distribution platform Steam.

According to Wikipedia:

The game would have allowed players to take the role of either a school shooter or a SWAT member and tallied the number of people killed by the player in-game. The game was intended to be sold for between $5 and $10.

While just about everyone agrees that the game was in poor taste, many have argued (including Berdiyev) that Steam has many other video games with a focus on violence and murder, such as PostalHatred and Carmageddon.

So the question is:

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