While I have stated for many years that beans do NOT belong in chili, it is an opinion that is not shared by everyone. A friendly, but semi-heated debate transpired when I posted the topic to our listeners via our Facebook page.

Depending on what region of the country you live in or are originally from, it may impact your bean or no bean stance on chili. Take a gander at the short video below. I 100% agree with the fictional Dr. Sheldon Cooper. That might be because my friends from Texas (much like Sheldon) share the same no bean stance on chili.

Several different people sounded off in the comments, with very mixed opinions on the subject. Many argued that chili without beans is simply Sloppy Joes. Others (in my humble opinion, accurately) pointed out that beans were added to chili in the olden days when meat was scarce, basically stating that beans were simply a filler ingredient.

Many online sources state that neither beans or tomatoes were original ingredients in chili. Technically speaking, the term chili is short for chili con carne, which literally means: chili (peppers) with meat. Even the Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI), doesn't allow beans and what they state as other fillers in their official cook-offs.

Whether it was an original ingredient or not, beans are now widely excepted. This is one of those debates that can go on until the end of time... much like whether soft drinks should be called "pop" or "soda".

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