I was recently made aware by my children that I am weird. Okay, no surprise there, but the reason behind it caught me off guard.

I was taking a shower and one of my older boys needed to go the bathroom. I told him to come in, there's two curtains between us and we have the same thing anyway. I followed that up with:

I changed your diapers, so shut up.

While he was in there I turned the water off from my shower head for a minute or two while I lathered up my dad bod and then turned the water back on to rinse off. The boy quickly asked me why I turned the water off and then back on. After I told him why, he laughed, called me old and continued to giggle all the way down the hall.

Now teenage boys will be teenage boys, so at first, I didn't really think much of it, but then I decided to ask a few of my male and female friends if they did the same. Much to my surprise, the majority of them left the water running throughout their entire shower.

Now I don't remember when exactly I started this routine of turning off the water to soap up, but I'm pretty sure it was during my teenage years, when I was at my funkiest. I just figured it was easier to maximize my soapiness and get a good scrub down with the water off. It might have had something to do a water shortage in the 1990s or maybe even the bad water growing up in Flint, Michigan too.

Whatever the reason, this has been an ongoing thing in my shower routine, at least at home, for the better part of 20 years. I never thought it was weird or odd before, but now I need to know if I'm the only one.

So the question is:

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