We often joke that Jackson isn't really part of Wyoming, the fact of the matter is it really is and it's beautiful. No matter how "Hollywood" it has become, it draws people from all over the world, whether it be for the scenario or the various outdoor sports you can enjoy.

Stengel Media recently posted a video to their official Facebook page highlighting a couple of mountain bikers enjoying the trails in Teton Pass. They captioned the video:

Had the awesome opportunity to travel to Jackson and film some incredible MTB riders ripping jump trails on Teton Pass. Thanks for having me @kgb_productions

*If you're having trouble loading the video, click here.*

The 1.50 second video features riders @roots_rider and @zoeshreds attacking the pass in epic fashion. The duo manage to catch some serious air, sometimes simultaneously, while executing some pretty awesome bike tricks.

Watching the mountain bikers on any trail displaying their skill would truly be awesome to behold, but with the beautiful Wyoming backdrop, it makes this video that much more breathtaking.

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