Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, we had our fair share of a variety of agriculture. Cherries were near the top of the list of popular foods that were harvested where I grew up. Many a time was spent hand picking cherries from the tree. Then along comes this machine that does all the work for me. If only I had one of these growing up.

At first glance, this cherry tree doesn't look like it has much going for it as it is. Then, once the clamp it set and shakes it like it's trying to erase a picture from an etch-a-sketch, all the cherries pretty much fall out of the tree all at once.

From there, the tarp is set so the cherries are hoisted in the bins and will probably be sorted later; checking for imperfections and what-not.

This machine takes the soul away from the zen-like nature of the old-fashion way of climbing the tree, grabbing them by the handful and snacking along the way, but it's still pretty fun to see what this machine can do in seconds what would take the average human an hour or so.