Beyonce is a grown woman, and she can do whatever she wants. And what she wants to do is to empower other women. She did just that at her Chime for Change event.

"Women's rights has always been something that's close to my heart," Bey said. "And I know now, being a mother, it's important for me to do what I can and use my voice, and to know that there are women around the world that don't have a voice -- we need to use our voice," she enthused. "And raise awareness, and be a part of something where we can leave our legacy and improve this world."

What compelled Beyonce to contribute her talents to Chime for Change? The fact that women are continually oppressed globally. "I read some of the statistics about women and health and education, and just the injustice that's around the world," she revealed. "It's something that's serious, and it's something mind boggling, that it's still going on. It's something that we have to change, but it does start with projects like this."

And "projects like this," when Beyonce is involved, are successful: They raised over $4 million! Of course, her performances were pretty priceless. You can check out her crooning 'At Last' and bringing down the house with 'Grown Woman' below. Long live the Queen Bey!

Watch Beyonce Perform 'At Last' at Chime for Change

Watch Beyonce Perform 'Grown Woman' at Chime for Change'