The Hip-Hop world (much like the rest of the music industry) is full of the same ole' same. So whenever an artist decides to step out of the norm, but still produces high quality music, they have to get some shine. Thus is the case with Christian Rapper Bizzle.

I actually first heard about Bizzle (real name: Mark J. Felder) after he put out an answer to Macklemore's gay rights song, 'Same Love'. Bizzle received a lot of negative heat from his version often being called homophobic. He responded by saying that was not the case at all and he was simply stating an opposing argument to that in popular media.

At any rate, the positive messages of Christianity in Bizzle's music can not be ignored. His skillful wordplay also sets him apart from other Christian Rappers. One thing is for sure, whether calling at Jay Z, Kanye West or Macklemore, Bizzle will not be ignored.