Christmas sweaters have been an item attached to the holiday season for decades.  Your parents and grand parents probably wore one at least once or twice.  They are typically bright, busy, and well... gaudy.  Yet, there never seems to be a decline in their popularity.

Over the past few years there has been an ascending trend with these holiday nightmares.  Most of the recent popularity is based on the ironic element of wearing something that is known to be awful.  Ugly Christmas sweater parties are a trending theme for holiday get-togethers.  It's okay to look ridiculous, as long as everyone around you looks equally festively challenged.  I can honestly say that I have met a few legitimate Christmas sweater enthusiasts.  These people do not wear these knitted train wrecks for the sake of irony, but rather for the sake of being festive.  There is nothing wrong with that.  To be in the Christmas spirit so much that you throw your fashion conscience to the wind is truly admirable.

Thrift stores, goodwill stores, and second hand stores see a boom in business around the holidays from people looking for the most atrocious sweater they can find.  Due to the rise in popularity of these garments, major retailers are getting into the sweater game.  What you can find for $5 at a thrift store,given they aren't all gone, you can be charged up to $60 at a large department or big box store.  Online retailers such as The Sweater Store are also making lots of green in the ugly sweater game.  Homemade holiday sweaters are not uncommon.  All you need is a blank sweater and some holiday decorations and you have yourself an awful garb that you will only wear once.  Legitimate or ironic, Christmas sweaters still do what they were designed to do.  Spread Christmas cheer!