There is literally an entire world out there for PC gaming, so it's no surprise that even a popular game might fly slightly under the radar. That is the case with the 2016 grand strategy computer wargame, Hearts of Iron IV.

In Hearts of Iron IV (i.e. the fourth installment in the series), individual players may take control of any nation in the world in either 1936 or 1939 and lead them to victory (or defeat), against other countries.

Sound fun, right? This is where it gets interesting. A gamer that runs the YouTube channel, Burin, recently posted a time-lapse video of a "Battle Royale" between the independent states in-game. Spoiler alert: within this interesting little game, Wyoming is victorious in basically conquering (uniting?) all of America, thus renaming the country as Imperial Wyoming.

Hearts of Iron IV (or HOI4 for short), has managed to grow in popularity almost each year since it's inception in 2016. Maybe that's why so many people watched this video and commented. Since being posted on January 29th, 2021, it's already been viewed over 112,000 times and has almost 600 comments!

Honestly, the comment section is the best part. There are several jokes about Wyoming not being real. There are others about us having the smallest population, but the most guns, so the time-lapse might be accurate if something like this were to take place in real life. Some of the funniest comments are from people from neighboring states, like Nebraska, were one commentor stated:

Nebraska gets annexed by Wyoming in the first minute, never been more disappointed in my state smh...

I may not have known this game existed before today, but after doing a little research, I have found a few other videos where the Cowboy State emerged victorious.

I may have to give HOI4 a try now... for the glory of Imperial Wyoming.

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