U.K. singer Conor Maynard is done… with a clingy lady love in his video for 'R U Crazy.' But he can't lose her or shake her off as easily as he'd like and no matter how hard he tries.

At first, the cute and clean cut singer cuts a classic crooner figure, then switches between that and a more modern look and sound with the track and the video. Think Justin Timberlake.

Maynard isn't afraid to get up close or to bounce around and get all up in the camera's grill.

He grooves in a hotel hallway and uses that falsetto to emote, but for the most part, he tangos with the girl, who tries to connect and re-establish things while he keeps pushing her away. Like we said, he's D-O-N-E.

The rest of the video follows Maynard and his romance gone bad.